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Basement excavation and reinforced wall structure

The building of basements starts with the excavation of pits. To ensure the structural stability of the basement a sequence of reinforced structural pins are formed around the periphery of the basement. These are done in small sections and once all sections are completed they form basement walls. We have a proven track record in achieving a zero movement certificate on each structural monitoring test.


Basedown Construction has over 20 years of experience of underpinning and we pride ourselves in maintaining our standards of excellence. There are various methods of underpinning and the method we most commonly use is the one that incorporates the latest technology complacent with the requirements of building regulations.

Membrane system

Basedown construction uses high quality membrane systems because it is the best method to retain the projected height or depth of the structures. We have performed a great number of membrane systems and have a proven track record of successful installations in accordance with the building regulations.


Basedown Construction uses the latest technology to apply a special mortar mix to the basement structure in order to prevent groundwater penetrating through the walls. Using the highest quality materials, we ensure that basement becomes a completely waterproofed and dry space. We can turn unused dingy, water damaged or even flooded basements into warm and inviting spaces. Entire tanking is constructed in the strictest accordance with the building regulation requirements.  .