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Basedown Construction specialises in basement excavation, development of reinforced wall structure and new-built basement construction. Basedown Construction is a culmination of twenty years hard work and wealth of a large spectrum of experience in constructing and designing basements of each our team member. Our unreserved dedication and motivation inspire our innovative approach we decidedly adopted in working on our projects. All services are immaculately delivered and range from the initial stages of feasibility study, surveying, plan development and permission approvals right through to successful completion and finishing to the highest standard and ultimate clients’ satisfaction.

Here at Basedown Construction, we have the necessary expertise and resources to deliver the work to the highest possible standard paying attention to detail. In addition, we always ensure our sites maintain a high standard of safe working conditions. In case of neighbouring parties concerned, we endavour to minimise any possible emerging noise or traffic nuisance with the use of innovative buidling technology.

We pride ourselves with skilled professional workforce, who are qualified to carry out their role to the highest possible standards. Our insurance covers all aspects of the construction job including equipment and staff. We have a proven track record of delivering outstanding basement projects to an exceptional standard.

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